Review Essay Feedback

Review essay

Congratulations on a strong piece of scholarship. You have demonstrated a great ability to research and to understand various themes within Indigenous history. Your argument was well constructed and you have a great ability to include much information in a concise, coherent and cogent writing style. Also, well done on using the Oxford Referencing system.
A great conclusion to the unit. Excellent work.

Criterion 1 Relevance of response to the essay question:
Highly sophisticated response to the question

Criterion 2 Evidence of research and scholarship:
Highly sophisticated critical use of scholarship.
Relevant texts are utilised, interpreted insightfully and used appropriately.

Criterion 3 
Originality and development of argument:
Highly original, persuasive and sophisticated argument put forward, relevant to the material.

Criterion 4 Organisation and structure:
Impeccable structure and organisation with clear and highly readable flow of ideas and arguments from beginning to end.

Criterion 5 Clarity of expression:
Sentence structure, grammar and written expression are very coherent. Comprehensive use of appropriate and discipline-specific language to demonstrate understanding to reader.

Criterion 6 Referencing (including bibliography):
Correct referencing practices are comprehensively and consistently observed, and fluently incorporated into prose. Bibliography organised and correct.