Presentation feedback

Hi Kathlene

Well done on delivering a fantastic presentation. It was clear you worked well as a team and rehearsed your presentation.
Your script was delivered with clarity and confidence – well done. As a listener, I found your content and delivery engaging. Your conversational tone was well-received by the audience.
In terms of personal organisation, you were able to convey an excellent understanding of the task/content. Your slides contained a suitable amount of detail which served to articulate the main points and demonstrate your understanding of the task.
Your personal presentation length demonstrated good personal time management.
Introduction and transitions were handled well and you appeared to be engaged with the content while your team were presenting.
As a team, the PowerPoint was well-configured and the slides adopted similar formatting and all had visual impact. The slides demonstrated appropriate formatting which includes sound referencing, spelling and grammar checks and suitable font size/style.

Individual Evaluation

This was completed and outlined the core information required. Your narrative about the team task provided a clear insight regarding your reflection of the process. This document also served you well as it was clear you had a sound understanding of the task, i.e. the comparative analysis. Your Individual Evaluation had clearly been proof-read for spelling and grammar accuracy.

Congratulations on a well-rounded presentation as an individual and team member. And great work all semester.